Mobile Physical Inventory - Bar-Code

Physical inventory

  • Login to device * you must have a Sherpadesk local login
  • Choose Physical Count / Scan
  • Select Building / Select room:its helpful to have barcode designations on the rooms
  • Assets expected in that room will appear in the presentation grid
  • There is an indicator box in the upper right showing how many assets to expect, it says “not yet scanned”
  • Start to scan each asset
  • When an asset is found it will turn green
  • Is an asset is found that should be in another location, you will get an indicator bubble to verify that you want to move it. If you choose yes it will be moved to the present location.
  • Assets not found will remain white and marked missing
  • If a bar code is scanned that is not in the system you will be asked to add it
  • When done press done
  • You will be asked “are you sure” Yes
  • You can now hit back and go to the next room
  • If you want to send data to Sherpadesk, hit back twice press the menu (3 dots) and send data