Retire Assets

3/2/2018 v18.12.3.0

There is a retire function on the handheld. You can scan or read the asset you want to retire.

First,in SherpaDesk configuration there are statuses. They need to have a check box next to them to show up on the handheld so first make sure the status you want to use is checked in SherpaDesk ...Examples = Surplus" and "to be disposed" then do a full refresh on the device

Depending on your business rules you may want to "move" the assets to a location called "retired" prior to running this function. You could create a room called retired, "Move" the select assets to that room then use the retire function

For Bar-code

  • Tap retire assets scan
  • Choose a status
  • Scan the bar-code off the asset
  • Continue to scan
  • The screen will show the last asset scanned and you can see a full review by tapping the clipboard
  • rfid (unless they are not rfid enabled, use bar code) then choose a status

For RFID ** with RFID you will have to segregate the assets you want to retire so it doesn't read unwanted tags

  • Tap retire assets RFID
  • Choose a status
  • The device will start to read anything in proximity
  • Valid assets will stay white
  • un-associated Tags will be Red and can be ignored
  • If assets are shown that you do NOT want to retire tap & highlight the asset and press remove
  • When done press accept
  • Confirm retire
  • Press menu and send data