TR-265 RFid reader implementation

Go here and download the getting started package

  • Open the documents folder
  • Open the Thinkify Gateway GUI guide
  • Jump to page 9 this is what it says

Hooking up the hardware

Attach the antenna to your reader – it just screws on.

Plug the USB cable into the reader and then into your laptop or PC.

You should see the blue LEDs on the front of the reader cycle through a start up pattern and then

the one on the right should slowly blink to indicate that the unit has power and is waiting for


So much for hooking up the hardware... You're all done.

  • Go to page 10 and install the demo program & launch
  • To test click the read tags tab and start reading
  • Hold tag(s) about 6 inches from the device and you will see the epc numbers start to appear in the presentation grid.
  • To set up to read tags into Excel or Sherpadesk
  • Go to settings (ugh)
  • Go to the Keyboard wedge tab
  • On the left side un-check all the boxes but the top one
  • Click on the Keyboard wedge tab and apply these settings