Physical Count - RFID

Physical count / RFID

  • From the main Menu tap Physical count RFID
  • Select location
  • RFID will be enabled.
  • Assets expected in that room will appear in the presentation grid
  • Assets found in the room that are supposed to be there will be GREEN
  • Assets found in the room that are NOT supposed to be there will be ORANGE. These need to be acknowledged.To move, Tap on the orange asset, tap the big action menu (upper right) and choose Move asset here. A confirmation screen will open and advise you where the asset is expected and who it is checked out to. press yes to move the asset. You will notice the color will change to dark green indicating that you moved it. The orange counter in the footer will also diminish by one count. Additionally if you dont want to move the asset, tap it, go to the menu, and choose "do not move asset" a confirmation window will open, show the user where the asset should be and confirm by pressing yes. The asset will change to Grey indicating it needs to be physically moved
  • Unassociated tags will be RED and indicate “no asset” (these are tags that have not been commissioned yet) The user can tap / highlight the asset and click remove or tap “Add” and effectively commission the tag to a new asset. We go back to the Add screen here and the user would scan the asset ID barcode and the serial number. When the serial number is scanned, the asset changes from RED to clear. Tapping “read more” will change it to GREEN, indicating that it is inventoried.The RFID tag is pre-populated and can be used as such or can be written with a new number. If the asset is already in Sherpadesk when the asset tag is scanned, the serial number will populate.
  • White assets are essentially missing from the location they are supposed to be.
  • When the room is completed done select done.
  • When done with the room press the menu and send data