Asset Marshal RFID Action Menu 8/12/2018

Physical Count RFID – big action menu

  1. Clear Reset List – will clear and reset the list – basically a do-over to start this location fresh. Prompts user first
  2. .Move Asset Here – the user would need to select an item that was found (but was expected elsewhere) and then tap on this “Move Asset Here” button to confirm finding the asset here and that it is ok to count the asset in this location.
  3. Do Not Move Asset – exactly like the above, but user should use it when the asset was found here, but he does NOT want to count it here. The scenario imagined here is that if a tag nearby is found, but it really is not in the location being counted. The user can change his mind after the fact if he makes an error in this decision.
  4. Remove from List – only applies to Red items that are unknown tags
  5. Add Asset – only applies to Red items that are unknown tags. Basically is a minor shortcut for the user to go to the Add Asset prompt from here, but any progress on the location audit will be lost.

action menu.PNG